Craig Brian Peter Coyle

Position and art moments is the focus for Craig Coyle and his work to elevate from the scene, to find something more that entails the works beauty on location. A sense for detail and precision always looking for life on the subtle side of the landscape. Craig grew up in Sydney, Australia always looking for an insight into the world that surrounded him.

The Big Issue.jpg

Artist's Statement


Inferring the promotion of light to any subject.. As the light cast down onto the tree in the darkness, the surrounding landscape or detail is lacking influence. 

The big issue relates to how we identify to the ideal without capturing the entire.

Concept Of Man.jpg

Artist's Statement


Mankind adorns the retrospective environment stabilising itself on the known universe. The education of man  represented in this image by the wood or dendrochronology conveys life, growth and understanding. The concrete surrounding the wood is a representation of the unknown form in the shape of the womb and the limitations placed on those forms by man, the creation of our existence and the conception of the unknown is what man limits itself to as a respective grasp on humanity.


Artist's Statement




Sydney Harbour Landscape

Sydney, Australia


Craig Brian Peter Coyle

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